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The core values: integrity, innovation, humanism, harmonious

Honesty is the foundation of the enterprise, the reliable foundation, development treasure. A good faith to the customer, the staff of good faith, third, we need to shareholders integrity, four to the government credit, five to social credit.

No innovation is no development, innovation is the soul of the enterprise progress, is an inexhaustible source of career forward. A to cultural innovation, two to management innovation, thirdly, technology innovation.

People-oriented enterprise is the key to success, facing people, respect, care for people on management's first, do customers, employees, shareholders apart, TieXinRen; Only learning to be successful.


Harmony is a form of beauty, can cohesive strength, unity, a great achievement. Internal to establish the harmonious living and working environment, external to establish the harmonious cooperation and development platform for the harmonious development of the society to make the contribution.

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